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I am all about making (or piecing together) costumes for my girls each year.  Like photography, it’s a create outlet for me.  I’m not sure how many more costumes I’ll get to make for these two (they grow so fast)…

Check out costumes from other years here and here, and here.  =)

Apparently I didn’t post photos of our costumes from last year, so I’ll share some now of Hermione and the Owl!

halloween 2014

This year little sister chose to be a mime, which is a perfect fit for her personality.  We found a black and white striped shirt and red scarf at the thrift store, suspenders in our dress up bin, borrowed Dad’s hat and we were good to go!


Big sister loves koalas!  It was no surprise to me when she wanted to be a koala for halloween.  For this costume we found a grey hoodie and sweatpants at Old Navy, hand stitched a few pieces of fabric and buttons to the hood and white fuzzy fabric for a tummy, then sewed on some homemade pom poms for the ears!  I love how it turned out!


What were you or your kids for Halloween this year?

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