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Every year we try to get all the nieces and nephews on my side of the family together  for an easter egg hunt.  This year we all gathered in NJ where my sister and her family live.   Unfortunately my oldest daughter wasn’t feeling well that weekend, so we decided to this year’s hunt at their home instead of going to the local park.

All was set up and ready to go!  We called the cousins up from the basement (so they wouldn’t peek), reminded each of them of the colour of egg they were looking for and out they went.  I have to say it is hard to capture every one’s excitement on camera, as it happens very fast (we probably spend a good hour organizing the treats into coloured eggs and hiding them, and the hunt is done in less than 5 minutes!).  But I did capture this image that I love:

E only lasted about two minutes outside and didn’t even find all of her turqoise eggs.  I love this image because it tells part of the story of our weekend – it will remind me in years to come of what the weekend was like for E:  being with her cousins, but not having the energy to play and interact with them how she usually would.

This is what one my photography instructors would call an emotionally perfect photo.  It tells a story and creates a response from me.  It’s kind of sad and hard to see E this way, but it was also very real at that time.

When you’re photographing your family, don’t just have them stop what they’re doing and ‘say cheese’ – capture life and emotions as they happen.  The tickle wars, the wrestling, the dress up shows, and maybe even the tears.  Whatever is real and tells your story…

Can you think of an image that is emotionally perfect for you?  I would love to see it!

If you’re interested in seeing more photos from our Easter, you can view them here.



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