safe keeping your memories

The other day I was chatting with my youngest daughter  about memories (I wish I could remember how we got on to this topic!).  I thought it was cute how she was telling me about the importance of taking pictures of things and moments, so we do not forget…  Mama knows!

Sometimes we do need a reminder though.  So here is yours!  When you’re caught in a simple moment, and you think, I hope I remember this: grab your camera or iphone or whatever and capture that moment.  I’ve been having those moments often lately, as my girls seem to be growing up so fast (like bamboo).

Here is one of them:

This is my youngest working hard on her valentine’s for her classmates, despite a very sore finger.  She has had trouble with the pincer grip for printing, but had recently gotten the hang of it and was using it regularly.  The sore finger caused her to use her old method of gripping the pencil…

It’s a simple thing, that I wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t grab my camera.

Have a great March Break friends!  Make some memories and keep your camera close so you can capture them for safe keeping…

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