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Sometimes we are just drawn to images of people and we can’t figure out why.  Something that I look for when creating an image is catch lights in the eyes…

On family day, my daughter had her face painted beautifully by Bre Creative at a local fundraising event.  It was amazing to watch the artist work on Emery, she was quick and the result was stunning.  She probably painted a hundred sweet little faces that morning!

For this image I wanted to use natural light only (I rarely use a flash for my photos), which was lacking indoors.  I simply asked Emery to come stand near the window so I could get the light I wanted on her face and also in her eyes.  This worked nicely because there was no direct sunlight on her, but enough indirect light from the beautiful day outside.  The other advantage of using the natural window light, is that the rest of the room is darker so your eye is drawn to her eyes and face.

That’s just a quick tip for creating images of your beautiful children indoors…  Find some natural light, turn off your flash and look for the catch lights in their eyes.

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