marshmallow poppers – valentine’s day treat

When I’m not capturing images of you and your family, sometimes I like to ‘play’ in the kitchen.  I am no Martha by any means, but I do enjoy getting creative for holidays and birthdays!  This is what I created in my little kitchen today:

I call these marshmallow poppers, simply because they are not on a stick.  The girls were kind of disappointed about them being stickless, but I love that this way there is no waste (the liners were only used for the photos, the marshmallows will be sent to school in plastic resuseable containers).

Marshmallows, melted coloured wafers and a few festive sprinkles and you’re good to go!  The girls love bringing these to school and this momma loves making them.  Why?  Because they took me about 20 minutes to throw together!  Cute, simple and fun.  Give them a try…

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Take time to show (and tell) your family how much you love them, and why…

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