Ideas for photographing your child

Photographing your own children is not always a simple task….

I have two girls of my own.  For thank you notes after each birthday, I usually create a photo card, to send to family and friends.  The first step in this task is capturing a photo you love and want to share.  If I do not already have a recent image I’m excited about, I like to take my girls out for a special ‘photo shoot’.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you would like to try a photo shoot with your child:

1. Let them choose what to wear.  I know this can be tricky sometimes (I’m sure you have the perfect outfit in mind), but you can always offer choices or add to their choices with matching accesories.  I had my daughter trying on different layers and she wasn’t comfortable.  She pulled out a dress that she likes and said “what about this?”.  Perfect, I found her some matching leggings and we decided together that her boots would be a fun addition to the outfit.  Done, and everyone is still smiling!

2.  You can choose the location (or ask  for ideas), but once you have arrived let them direct.  I suggested a local park and when we got there, I said “Do you have any ideas for a fun shot?”  She thought sitting in a tree would be good, so I pointed out a tree I could see that would work.  Once we go to the tree, I helped her get comfortable and then moved around to find the best angles.  Your child is likely to cooperate, when they think the shot is their idea!

3.  Do not ask them to say cheese.  Sometimes I say “now please don’t smile, this is serious business…” or something like that.  It usually gets the giggles and true smiles from my girls.   After you capture those true smiles, keep shooting.  Capture their faces as they are taking in their surroundings, when they’re in their own little world,  and when they think you just might come over there and tickle them!

4.  It doesn’t take long to capture a variety of images.  Just keep talking to your child, make it fun, and change up your point of view often!

5.  Let them continue to direct and decide when time is up.  Go with the flow of what your child can handle.  We spent 15 minutes taking photos around the park and then we hit the playground (and I kept my camera handy).

I hope this helps you create a memorable time with your child and some fun images that you love.  If not, then contact me for a session!

Above  is the photo that we chose together, to share with family and friends…

October 2, 2012 - 8:45 pm

Catherine - Great suggestions Cheryl!

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